Extreme G3 Racing Game

First Off, Extreme G3 is one of Acclaims leading brands so I knew I was not going to be disappointed at Extreme G3. Extreme G3 Racing is a high-speed racer, and let me tell you, its is down right fast. Like in our Extreme G3 Interview, anyone can make the speedometer say 1000 MPH but only some can make you fell it, and Extreme G3 is a game that can make you feel like your going the speed on the speedometer. The game has a great selection of playable modes including XG Career, Arcade, Practice and Tutorial. You start off with a slow engine but still fast in a way. As you progress in the game, you can buy more items in the XG Mall. I must say that nothing’s funnier than going 600 MPH on a racetrack!


  • Feel the force of racing speeds up and above the speed of sound!
  • Twisting tracks that lead you on an adrenaline-fuelled frenzy through futuristic cities and into the gut-wrenching heights of the upper stratosphere.
  • An array of futuristic-themed weapons enabling the player to debilitate the competition.
  • Turbo boosts taking the bikes to extreme speeds and gravity defying environments.
  • A detailed bike animation system providing complete feedback relating to the bike’s handling, showing air-brakes, flaps, weapons and thrusters.
  • A landscape animation system bringing the worlds to life.

The game has a good selection of teams and tracks. There are 6 teams with 2 people on each, which of course, is a total of 12 characters. Extreme G3 has 10 fun tracks to choose from and the game is just not about fast racing, its also killing your opponent with several weapons and using your shields wisely. The game has a total of 10 weapons. Everything from the simple bullet to Mines is in the game. You can also use part of your shield to boost. As you progress through the game, always check the XG Mall for new engines and weapons. As I was progressing through the game, the game began to be too difficult and frustrating. But this game is defiantly challenging, almost too challenging.

When you upgrade your engine, its not one of those types of racing games that you upgrade your speed by getting a new car or engine and you it never seems like you get any more speed, well after upgrading to a higher engine class, you can hear, and feel the new engine. I thought that that was something to point out. Also there is a multi-player feature in the game so you can play up to 4 players. I thought Extreme G3 had some great gameplay because its just not a racer, you have weapons and shields and all that other stuff and if you thought this game had crappy music, think again, because the music and this game is done by professional DJ’s which makes the racing a whole lot funnier.

Detail is very nice, especially on the tracks and other things outside the track. Also the Gamecube version has been improved from other versions like the PS2. While the PS2 version of Extreme G3 can only do 2 players at once, the people over at Acclaim managed to put in a 4-player feature for the game. The rumble feature in this game is good and the game is very realistic. The only thing about this game is I got board a little to soon. Also I wish there where more views to choose from, something like an in-bike view.

The controls in the game couldn’t of been any better. If you have played Extreme G3, even the slightest move on the joystick will effect where you going on the course and after you finish racing, it will give you a full replay of your race, which I thought was cool. Each time you complete a certain amount of races you will receive a trophy, and in this game, there is no 1st, 2nd and 3rd, either you win or you loose. The more you race, the more money goes into your bank which you can but items with the money you earned. Overall this game is very good and this is the fastest racing game I have ever played. If your looking for a fun-fast-challenging racer, be sure to rent, buy or check out Extreme G3.